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Scope       Engineering Services 

Location      Dubai 

Area              3200 Sqmt        

Work Scope          

  • Development of 3D model

  • Clash detection

  • Set-out drawings for subframe work

  • Panel production drawings.

AFS utilizes specialized software packages for 3D modeling and parametric design solutions to resolve complex geometry and freeform curved facades.


With the potential ease of 3D modeling, not only do Architects have more time to play around and experiment with the design, but they're also able to identify potential problems with their designs before they become realities that will cost the company many dollars to fix. You can rotate the model to get the view from all sides and designers can get everyone, even those without an engineering background, to view it so that even more people can identify problems that may be fixed.


From the outset of concept design 3D modeling produces:

  • Accurate visualization of the design intent prior to construction and manufacture.

  • Improves drawing efficiency and accuracy.

  • Powerful interactive parameter changes for testing and exploration of what-if scenarios.

  • A comprehensive update of all information across the board at the point of any design change.

  • Solution of complex geometry and curvature.

  • Interfacing, spatial interaction & build sequencing produces confident technically design solutions & fuller understanding of installation requirements and restrictions therein


We at AFS are made to take such challenges and we love working with different Parametric shapes of the building.

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