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AFS develops innovative curtain wall systems, each of which is tailored to meet combining aesthetic, performance and economic considerations into best solutions to our client’s needs for a building. 


AFS develop a suite of Bespoke designed aluminium extrusions specifically for the project. This is the sort of design work in which AFS specializes. AFS develops the functional concept for a new curtain wall system, and then refines the shapes of the new aluminium extrusions and brackets, do structural calculations to minimize metal weight. We provide die drawings for each of the new framing extrusions and gaskets, and we specify production parameters such as the dimensional tolerance limits. We take the responsibility of PMU test performance. 


Few remarkable bespoke system solutions provided by AFS 

Queen's tower 270 m tall high rise tower in Mumbai - AFS has provided bespoke system solutions with the most optimised solution in terms of aluminium consumption, structural performance and most important the air and water performance, sliding window system tested in the laboratory for 300Pa air, 720Pa water pressure and 4.5 Kpa structural load performance. 


Unitized curtain wall system design solutions for many high-rise towers ranging from 80meter to 220meter tall, which are successfully tested for different performance requirements at an accredited testing laboratory.  


Our designed system has been used on many projects which are totalling 4.5 million sqft and providing high-performance protection to many commercial and residential inhabitants. 

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