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facade consulting

Concept Design


At this stage, AFS will assist the architect and all stakeholder in establishing the performance criteria of the facade. This will include evaluation of different design options and facade types, our assessment at an early stage could avoid the surprises in the later stage of design such as unworkable designs and cost-prohibitive. Our facade experts input, these issues are addressed before the design development stage. 



  • Review of architectural drawings focusing on the feasibility and constructibility of the facade.

  • Review of wind tunnel test report or wind load analysis as per local wind codes 

  • Review of facade design options 

  • Proposed facade types and different options available

  • Proposed material options 

  • Concept design and provide different options for facade types. 

Design Development 


At this stage AFS will develop façade design details incorporating all design aspects, this includes local code requirements, design basis report (DBR), structural integrity, thermal analysis, air and water infiltration specification, smoke and fire stop, integration of building maintenance restrain, and combination of façade lighting.



  • Facade type marks up elevation, glass type markup elevations. 

  • Facade design details with all details and focusing and resolving all critical interfaces along with typical design details and required 3D views. 

  • Design Basis Report 

Tender Documents 


AFS will prepare a set of tender documents of a facade to be used for building envelope ad contact documents. This set of the document will include facade system details of each wall types, technical specifications PMU and VMU scope. AFS will submit tender documents covering the facade scope and performance. 



  • Facade system design details set 

  • Facade technical specification

  • Performance and Visual mockup scope 

  • Tender documents set

Vendor Technical Evaluation


AFS will assist the owner and contracting team in selecting the capable and appropriate facade contractor for the project. AFS will provide technical assessment during the technical review meetings with bidders and review the technical documents submitted by bidders in relation with contact documents and materials and tender document compliances, AFS will interview bidders to verify there understanding of the project. 



  • Instruction to bidders 

  • Responses to bidders queries for better understanding

  • List Technical queries 

  • Technical evaluation report



Post-award of the facade work AFS will provide a review of Mock-up shop drawings and will observe the mockup and check compliance with structural as well as approved drawings sets, dimension verifications and documents the result. 



  • Review of mockup shop drawings 

  • Review of visual mockup and submission of observation report

  • Witnessing performance mockup test and presentation of observation report 

Drawings & Structural Calculation Review


AFS will provide review and documentation of system drawings, shop drawings and structural calculations as per the local code requirements and in compliance with project documents and specification.



  • Review of shop drawings and structural calculations submittals 

  • Review of material samples and product data sheet submittals

QA/QC Inspections


AFS will conduct inspection at all stages of facade construction.  AFS will photograph the process from fabrication, assembly, storage, installation and field testing. AFS will provide a report with observations and recommendations. 

  • Factory inspection report 

  • Site inspection report 

  • Filed test observation report

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