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AFS was founded in 2013 by Upendra Walinjkar, holds a Civil Engineering degree and with more than two decades of experience in the facade and fenestration industry, and he has steadily expanded over the years and now employs approximately 40 people in a range of specialist disciplines solely focused on facade engineering and consulting. 


AFS exists to create the best solutions for the relevant project through technical ingenuity, experience, and expertise. There are many ways in which we can help you to operate efficiently; our optimization techniques can be applied at an early stage in the design process in order to bring material costs to a minimum. 


Our clients are Developers, Architects, main contractors, curtain wall fabricators, facade contractors, etc. We deliver our designs, drawings and calculations, in electronic format, to all regions of the world.

About us

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Challenges: This project is designed by the architect with two buildings placed adjacent to each other in such a way that it gives the best aesthetics with maximum space utilization. In this project, we predominantly used Unitized Curtainwall and Rain Screen ACP cladding. ACP cladding in the elevation in progressive horizontal ACP bands and features of the ACP box is creating a lot of complex and critical interfaces. 

Interfacing of continuous unitized curtain wall and strip unitized curtain wall, ACP feature frame cladding support, and balcony interfaces requires proper attention and solutions.


Our approach:  For unitized strip windows between progressive ACP band we suggested few structural changes during the concept design stage which has reduce the ACP by 10% and help us to limit glass wastage below 8%. 

To make the stack gutter interfacing work seamless, we have shifted stack level to 720mm from FFL. All progressive ACP cladding band's horizontal surfaces are designed as walkable to take a live load to avoid any damages to cladding during routine cleaning by the maintenance team. 

All critical interfaces as mentioned above are solved during design development stage. 


In the wake of COVID 19 pandemic


We at AFS give utmost importance to the health and safety of our team and at same time we need to fulfill the requirements of our clients hence all our team members are working from home to serve our clients on their project needs.

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